I Am Setsuna Pre-Orders Available With New Artwork

Square Enix sent out word that pre-orders are currently available for the upcoming RPG that pays homage to the old-school JRPGs from the days of the SNES. I Am Setsuna also received some new artwork that Square has shared with the public.

The new game will grant PS4 owners with special dynamic themes for those who pre-order, including themes for the characters Shiro and Kuro. There’s also an additional music track included as part of the pre-order bonus, where gamers who reserve a copy early will gain access to the song “Eternal Winter” starting July 19th.

I Am Setsuna will also be available for PC via Steam, but they don’t mention the game having any sort of special pre-order bonuses for the Glorious PC Master Race outside of gaining access to the digital track from composer Tomoki Miyoshi called “The warm of hope”. Sadly, no dynamic themes or dashboard artwork.

Speaking of Artwork, though, Tokyo RPG Factory – the sterling developers behind this upcoming JRPG classic in the making – released several new images for gamers to scope out. You can check them out below.

I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna

That homestead shot of the small village caked with snowy rooftops and frost dripping down the tree-side is gorgeous. They did they wonderful job bringing that scene to life.

I Am Setsuna is an experiment from the publishing arm of Square. They seem to be aiming small and looking to see if they rekindle a niche, dedicated audience with this upcoming game. The battle system borrows heavily from Chrono Trigger, utilizing team-based combos and active turn-based combat.

The story is a somber and tragic one, centered around the sacrifice that a young woman must make in order to save her people. Tokyo RPG Factory and Square have been keen on limiting how they promote the game to avoid giving away too much. We won’t have to wait long to find out more about the game since it’ll be releasing in a couple of weeks on July 19th for PC and PS4. For more information or to pre-order the game feel free to hit up the official I Am Setsuna website.

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