Kenshi Launches Stable Newlands Beta Patch For Public Download

Kenshi is an indie real time strategy adventure game developed by Lo-Fi Games. The theme of the game is to create a survivor in a Samurai inspired Dystopian world, filled with all types of dangerous bandits and strange monsters.

I actually played the Early Access version and it was really fun. It was a lot like a stripped down version of the Mount and Blade series but with more freedom and no real story. The only thing you really do is try to survive the harsh conditions of the wilderness and battle your way to victory from raiding bandit parties, while also crafting new gear and attempting to build your own little settlement. While it may not sound like much, it does it all rather well, which makes it a blast to play!

Kenshi focuses on a “From Rags to Riches” style story, but it is also a bit incomplete since it is still in its early Alpha phase of development. For those of you that participate in the special Beta branches, you may have already downloaded the Newlands version and have been playing it for the past few months, however, the public stable version of Kenshi was still running on an older version without all the fancy features and the revamped world map.

Kenshi (1)

Kenshi (2)

I attempted to play the Newlands beta back when I played the Early Access, but it was so unstable I couldn’t even get in the game because it kept crashing. The new 0.91.19 Newlands Beta has fixed that problem by making the upgraded environments and new world map the new stable standard version of Kenshi. However, I should mention the lag and frame rate stutters are still present.

This new update has a few other features as well, such as the sneaking animations when you enter into Stealth mode. Instead of just walking slowly like the old version, your characters will now crouch down and go into a low stealth stance. I attempted to take a few Screenshots for the Newlands version, but the frame rate still runs at around 2 through 15 FPS on the lower graphics settings, and attempting to get a decent screenshot with those frame rates was tedious, but the game is slowly but surely coming together.

If you happen to have a better computer and can run Kenshi at a solid Frame rate, you can check out their Steam Store Page by following the provided link to learn more. To read the details about the new update patch you can visit their Steam Announcement page to read up on all the changes.

Additionally, you can also visit the official Lo-Fi Games Kenshi website to keep up to date with all their latest news and patches.


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