Paper Mario: Color Splash Set To Debut On October 7th

Nintendo recently announced that Paper Mario: Color Splash is set to come out later this year on October 7th. The latest paper installment in the Mario series sees Mario saving the world by bringing color back to an island with his magical hammer, which follows him on a journey to bring peace, too. As of now, the game is currently noted to be exclusive to the Wii U.

It’s no surprise that quite a bit of fans are salty or not too pleased with this game, given that it’s most recent trailer by XCageGame (and other trailers that debuted three months ago) received more dislikes than likes, and had a lot of comments saying that it felt like the same old stuff with nothing new implemented.

Though I could go on about how the comments for the newest game’s trailer were funny and brutal, the game is said to reflect on some of the older entry mechanics of Mario Sticker Star and not those from Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door. But I should note that a lot of fans were hoping that Paper Mario: Color Splash was like the later instead of the former, though I can’t confirm this since I haven’t played Mario Sticker Star.

With that said, the newest game falls into the action-adventure genre where players will see Prism Island in danger of all of its color being drained from it, which tasks Paper Mario to bring it all back by using his magical hammer.

Those who are excited about the game will be able to catch its older trailer below in case it slipped by you. Running around a minute and 20 seconds, the trailer shows Mario attempting to bring color back to the island as he ventures forth, thanks to XCageGame.

As noted above, Paper Mario: Color Splash is set to come out this year on October 7th, and is currently slated to be exclusive to the Wii U.


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