Play GTA 5 On Your iPhone Or Android With Remotr Mod
GTA 5 iPhone

Previously there were instructions from the gaming community to play Rockstar Games’ GTA V on your PlayStation Vita. Well, now the community has introduced a method to play the PC version of GTA V on smartphones or tablets, and there’s a simple to follow process that teaches you how to play GTA V on your Android or iPhone along with support for GTA Online.

The mod was designed to work in conjunction with the Remotr app for smartphones. Modder TheRealFookin designed a series of scripts to help get GTA V running on phone devices and for the controls and screen render space to work as intended. TheRealFookin first posts the disclaimer that he doesn’t own Remotr the app but describes why he made this mod that coincides with the Remotr app…

“Ever thought of taking a shit and playing GTA 5 at the same time? Or going to kitchen and making some tea and playing GTA 5? Now you can, This mod will allow you to play GTA V through your phone, this works on any phone,”

So first up, grab the supplemental script mods from over on You’ll also need a copy of Remotr, so you can grab the app from either the Google Play Store or from the iTunes App Store.

Next up, you’ll need to set the resolution of GTA V on your PC to 1280 x 720, otherwise, you’ll have problems with the game running in proper resolution on the phone. You can run the game in windowed mode on PC and in the portrait mode on the phone it’ll show up as full screen. You can see a brief example of how it looks running in a video from IROZZE.

The mod originally came onto the scene back in February but there were a lot of compatibility and optimization issues that weren’t properly ironed out until recently. Plus TheRealFookin needed to added more scripts to improve the lag when playing online.

So after you get the mod and get Remotr, proceed to find your IP address (you can do this by right-clicking your internet connection and going into the network and sharing center and clicking on the adapter settings and then right clicking it and then clicking on “Status”). You’ll need the IPv4 address and the full name of your PC that you’ll be running GTA V from.

Open up Remotr on your phone and on your PC (if you didn’t already download the PC desktop version of Remotr, grab a free copy from the official website).

Enter your PC’s IP address and name into the Remotr app on your phone.

Wait for the icon on PC to turn white and then click on it. You simply need to find your PC copy of GTA V.

Boot it up in either the single-player mode or the online mode.

That’s it… you’re all set. TheRealFookin has been adding more configuration scripts and DirectX improvements to the mod to help it run better on mobile phones and tablets. It’s still not perfect but it’s getting there, especially given how big a game GTA V is on PC.

Now for anyone who wanted to play GTA V on the go, they can do so.


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