Pokemon Go Plus Will Be Available July 31st

Pokemon Go Plus

GameStop recently sent out word that they are taking pre-orders for the Pokemon Go accessory called the Pokemon Go Plus. The accessory allows gamers to get alerts about nearby Pokemon and even capture them while they’re out and about on town, all without having to whip out their cell phone as if they’re taking an important business call or checking for text messages from the third wheel of the person they’re cheating with while in a relationship.

According to GameStop the Pokemon Go Plus will be available for $35. Pre-orders have opened up over on the GameStop website.

So what does this device do? As mentioned in the opening paragraph, you can use it to catch Pokemon even without having to open up your phone. You can also collect items like Poke balls, berries and eggs without having to keep checking your phone or tablet.

The device also warns you if there any Pokemon nearby with a green lights-up display. Successful captures will give gamers a rainbow-colored indication, where-as failed captures will give gamers a red display.

Gamers can pick up the Pokemon Go Plus either at the store or have the item delivered to them. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the Pokemon Go app will be made available ahead of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, so that likely means that the app is launching sometime by the middle of July or before the end of July.

Developer Niantec has been testing the app in various regions to help iron out the kinks before releasing it worldwide. It’s been tested in Oceania territories along with the Americas, so it’s nearing release real soon. Nintendo and Niantec have been keeping a close lid on the game for some reason, but the lid is about to pop soon enough at some point in July.

You can learn more about Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Go Plus accessory by hitting up the game’s official website.