Pre-Orders Open For One Punch Man Figure
One Punch Man Figure

Fans of the manga and adapted anime One Punch Man will be pleased to know that they can currently pre-order the collectible figurine based on the lead character, Saitama.

Play-Asia sent out a tweet indicating that the unstoppable hero in all his muscled-up, action-posing glory, is available for pre-order right now from over on their storefront.

As indicated by the tweet, the importable figure from Japan is only $17.99. Crazy price for such a detailed figure eh?

The Saitama figure stands approximately 150mm tall, which is approximately 6 inches in height. It’s the typical size of your standard action figure, only it’s a lot more badass and far more dynamic.

It features the titular hero in his classic red boots and yellow jumpsuit. He sports matching red gloves, and a dynamically fluttering white cape. His black belt also sees a circular medallion at the center of his waist. His expression is determined, and only mildly fierce.


The pose is a standard karate punch from the right front stance. His left hand is cocked back as if it’s ready to throw a second punch (although it would be completely unneeded) and his feet are firmly planted into the ground as he twists his hips to get the maximum amount of leverage from his upper body, pumping pure force through the extension of his right arm.

It’s a slickly designed figure with a lot of nuance and detail for it to only be $17.99. Many of the figures you might see in the ad sections on this site run for the average price of $179.99. So it’s a huge difference in price compared to most collectibles.

Pre-orders are open for the Saitama figure right now, but you won’t be seeing it arriving at your doorstep until October 31st, 2016. You can learn more by visiting the Play-Asia store.


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