Rec Room Is Like Wii Sports For HTC Vive

Developers Against Gravity released Rec Room into Early Access on Steam. It’s a virtual reality-based online multiplayer game where you head to the locker, customize your character’s avatar and then head out to the ring, the court or the gym to play some online, recreational mini-games.

The title is essentially to HTC Vive what Wii Sports was to the Wii-mote. You will be able to move around, look around and play around using the motion controllers and Valve’s expensive but impressive headset.

You can check out a trailer for the game’s Early Access release below.

On the Store page the developers explain that they have a lot more in store for this recreational, miscellaneous sports game, stating…

“The full version will be a continuation of the Early Access Version. We plan to add new activities, toys, and customization options. We plan to keep working on the game, adding and tweaking in response to player feedback, as long as there is an engaged player base!”

It’s weird that it lists the game having come out on June 1st, 2016 but it didn’t seem to actually be made available until the end of June. Then again it could have been one of those games that was scheduled to release earlier but didn’t.

Anyway, the developers don’t have to worry about having lost out to the Steam Summer Sale given that Rec Room free-to-play. It reminds me a lot of PlayStation Home given that you can move around, play different games and socially interact with random people from around the world.

Some of the mini-games include disc golf, paddle ball, dodgeball, and more. They have plans to include more games and more customization, as well additional tournaments and events. While the core game will be free they hope to charge something when it’s time for the game to launch in full. They’ll be testing out payment plans and options further into the game’s Early Access phase.

If you have an HTC Vive and you want to experiment with a recreational sports game, for free, you can grab Rec Room from off the Steam store right now.