Slain! Content Update Fixes Major Issues And Adds New Enemies

For those of you that don’t know, Slain! is a 2D side scrolling Metroidvania style platformer, developed by Wolf Brew Games. However, when it first launched it had a really rocky start with a lot of bugs they had to work out, and over the course of several weeks the developers have been working hard on correcting those issues.

Slain! had such a rocky start that it launched with a series of negative reviews, but the developers didn’t give up and patched the game until the reviews went from negative, up to mixed. The current Steam rating for recent reviews are all currently listed as Very Positive at the time of this article being written. Most of the core bugs were patched first, such as the control issues and the frame rate and optimization, now the current updates are focusing more on content to make the game fun.

Slain dark souls

Earlier this month, the developers gave a peek on June 6th with what they were working on, showing a Werebeast boss battle, as well as a new monster type, the Dark Soul, which drains your mana if you happen to get hit by it.

The newest update that they announced on June 13th, gives us a look at another new enemy type, small children spirits that look rather creepy and violent, brandishing small daggers as they charge at you (shown in the header image). The developers have also Added ambient background sounds to all of the stages to make them feel more alive and atmospheric. Additionally, they have added in some new Talisman that you will be able to collect to unlock a special hidden something, as well as a new powerful Brutal attack to destroy enemies.

Furthermore, the developers have been teasing the Vroll boss fight and released another announcement on June 18th. Vroll appears to be a massive fire breathing dragon that looks like it will be quite challenging to take down as it sweeps across the screen raining down a deadly wall of fire. The developers have released a teaser GIF image (shown above) showing part of the battle and what they are currently working on. It isn’t clear just yet if these updates are currently in game or coming up for the next major patch update, so stay tuned.

You can follow the above links to learn more for further details regarding the updates, or visit the official Slain website or Steam Store Page for additional information.

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