Street Fighter 5 June Update Adds 4 Hours Worth Of Story Cinematics

Capcom detailed the June update for Street Fighter V, which contains brand new stages, premium battle costumes and an in-game currency shop that will allow players to purchase new content for the title without having to use or acquire Fight Money.

The big theme of the update centers around the new story mode that they’re implementing, which features up to four hours of in-engine cinematics along with full English and Japanese voice-overs.

The new and improved story mode features five different story chapters and two different difficulty settings. The story mode enables players to earn Fight Money both through the Normal difficulty setting and the Extra difficulty setting.

Street Fighter 5 June Update

In addition to the in-game cash shop, the new story mode and the added costumes and battle stages, Capcom was also sure to make it known that Ibuki would be the newest fighter to join the roster, alongside Alex and Guile. They mention how technical her fighting style is, and how players will have to master utilizing her agility versus her quick hit-and-run style combos while also throwing out bombs and staying light on the feet.

I always thought Ibuki had a cool design but she was never really one of my favorites to play. Her play-style reminded me of a kiting-ninjutsu version of Rolento. Although, I do admit that Rolento is one of my favorites, mainly because he reminded me of a Capcom version of Heidern from the King of Fighters.

Anyway, the June update will inevitably roll out during June for PC and PS4 owners. It’s expected to go live sometime during the end of the month, well after E3 concludes. They make it very clear on the press sheet that the update will be free. Of course, they doesn’t necessarily speak for all of the content within the update, but the update itself is free.

You can learn more about Street Fighter V and the June update by hitting up the game’s official website.


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