The Captain: Space Survival Point-And-Click Game Seeks Greenlight Approval

Sysiac Games has recently announced their new point-and-click space adventure, The Captain. This retro adventure game was inspired by classics like Star Trek, but I’m also getting some serious Space Quest vibes as well.

As mentioned above, The Captain has retro pixel art style graphics, giving it the familiar aesthetic art style that you see with most modern day indie games (especially the ones you see on Steam Greenlight). The thing that makes The Captain so interesting though is the amount of content they have put into the game.

The story starts with Captain Welmu, on his way to check out an anomaly from Mars Colony 03. Apparently, the mission doesn’t go according to plan, something goes terribly wrong, and now Captain Welmu wakes up in his ship without any power. The game starts here with Welmu trying to turn the power back on and figure out what went wrong.

The cool thing about The Captain is that it isn’t just a survival point-and-click adventure, it is also a crew building and management game. You will need to mine and manage your resources, but you will also have the freedom to explore new planets and interact with NPCs in a non-linear story. The developers have also created what they call mini-adventures and side quests, each having multiple endings and different outcomes based on the choices and actions that you make. The main objective is to try to get home, but with all the mini-adventures, perhaps the story for this game isn’t all about the destination, but how you get there.

The Captain released a gameplay trailer that actually looks pretty interesting. The first half shows how the game starts, while the second half shows a whole lot more and a few things their universe has to offer. Take a look at the gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

The developers also say that The Captain will feature strategic combat battles, a trade and economy system, as well as the ability to upgrade your ship.

To learn more you can check out The Captain‘s Steam Greenlight page for additional information. Furthermore, the development team has also launched a Kickstarter campaign and is currently looking for additional funds to help make their game a reality.

If you are interested, you can follow the provided links to lend your support. The Captain is scheduled to officially launch in the first quarter of 2017.


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