The Last Leviathan Set To Land On Steam Starting June 22nd

Bolstering fully physics-based ships and boats that are customizable, The Last Leviathan offers boat crushing encounters across the ancient seas of Middenhir. Super Punk Games’ The Last Leviathan is set to hit Steam on June 22nd.

Physics-based games can be pretty cool if they are constructed right, and aren’t games based around you throwing a ragdoll man all over the place. However, The Last Leviathan doesn’t seems like that; it puts water simulation physics and dynamic boat pieces into play somewhat nicely. I won’t say that this game is realistic, but I will say that it does look like it provides a fun spin on traveling the seas with custom made boats and giant mythical monsters.

Aside from the physics it seems like it also focuses on the giant creatures that reside in the depths of the sea, which seems pretty cool. Other features like scavenging and navigating will also play a part in the core gameplay, as noted below:

“The Last Leviathan is a physics-based, ship building and destruction adventure. On your voyage to uncover where The Last Leviathan lies you will discover a world full of rival ships, mythical monsters, wrecked flotsam, physics-puzzles and hidden treasures.”

Something worth noting, boats, ships and the sea aren’t the only things affected by physics. Buildings, houses and other types of materials also can be destroyed and messed with. The video by Super Punk Games showcases actual gameplay below.

In addition to giant monsters, there will be weak points on them and specific ways to take them down quicker. You will be able to speed the process up by using bigger and more powerful weapons, which must be scavenged or built.

There will be other game modes instead of just killing things, like a race mode, and a wave mode. More modes include last man standing and the exploration simulation mode. The Last Leviathan is set to hit Steam on June 22nd, which if you want to learn more you can by hitting up


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