The Wardrobe Is A Meme-Filled Game About Saving A Soul

Talk about a game that doesn’t want to pull any punches, The Wardrobe from Adventure Productions and Picnic Studios is a game that puts players in the role of a kid who died because his friend gave him a plum that he was allergic to. The player then has to get their friend to admit to their horrible mistake otherwise their soul will be damned for eternity.

The game is chock full of classic memes from the 1990s that most kids growing up watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon will recognize. From Johnny Bravo and Daft Punk, to the pedo bear and Angry Birds, there are enough puns, memes and parodies to keep you entertained from start to finish.

The trailer does jack squat in describing what the game is about, but you can check it out anyway.

So basically, after Ronald died from an allergic reaction to the plum, he lives in the wardrobe closet of his friend. He protects his friend and watches over him. However, he’s forced to go on an undead adventure to save his friend’s soul by getting his friend to admit to his crime.

Players will utilize classic point-and-click skills throughout The Wardrobe, picking up items, interacting with characters and solving puzzles along the way.

The Wardrobe is a complete throwback to the age of LucasArts and Sierra Interactive’s classic hand-painted adventure titles, offering gamers more than 40 hand-painted and digitally colored locations to visit and more than 70 characters to interact with.

Picnic was inspired by games like Monkey Island and Sam & Max: Hit The Road, hoping to rekindle some of that lost fire in a new-school take on an old-school genre.

If this seems like the kind of game you would want to play and enjoy in your spare time, feel free to check out the Steam Greenlight page and give the title an upvote and a favorite.


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