The Way Of Life Is Free On Steam, Lets Players Journey Through Dreams

CyberCoconut and a handful of indie developers released the free-to-play version of the walking simulator The Way of Life onto Steam. The game is a fascinating look at three different stages of life, experiencing certain events, memories and dreams as a child, an adult and an old man.

The experiences each have their own mechanics and playability, and players are encouraged to experiment and explore. The gameplay description makes it very difficult to determine what the extent of this particular walking simulator is all about, and the reviews certainly don’t help. If you check out the launch trailer below, it does an even poorer job of properly explaining anything about The Way of Life.

After watching the trailer, I noticed that the game had more than 6,000 user reviews on hand. It is a free game by the way, so why wouldn’t there be a lot of reviews up? Well, the problem is that despite the game being less than an hour long, and the description not providing many details, the user reviews are about as sparse as the trailer above and the Steam store page.

Ultimately, you’re not going to find very informative user reviews about this particular title because it appears a lot of people have a hard time describing or putting into words exactly what it is they’ve experienced.

Even still, The Way of Life is free. The worst thing you could incur is the usage of bandwidth toward something you may not like.

Nevertheless, most of the user reviews are positive, with a lot of Steam users claiming that each segment – involving the young boy, the adult and the old man – give gamers something to ponder about in regards to perspective, life experience, death and dreams.

If you’re interested in exploring those topics within the confines of an interactive walking sim, you can download the free version of The Way of Life right now from the Steam store.


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