Tick’s Tale Slipped Onto Steam During The Craziness Of E3

Tick’s Tale: Up All Knight from Digital Bounce House is a brand new point-and-click game with a dash of adventure and a wry sense of humor. You probably didn’t know the game was out and about on Steam because it managed to slip onto Valve’s digital distribution storefront during the craziness of E3.

Players will assume the role of Tick, a scrub who is a wannabe-hero. The love of his life, Georgia McGorgeous wants nothing to do with him and the town is in peril from the goblin Bloodclot. Players will attempt to save the day, win the girl and defeat as the unlikely hero, Tick.

According to Katie Hallahan, the PR director for Phoenix Online Publishing, Tick’s Tale is a throwback to the old-school of point-and-click adventure games, hearkening to a time when wits and fail-states were all the rage, saying in the press release…

“From the art-style to the puzzles and the in-jokes that will get a laugh from everyone who’s ever enjoyed a classic Sierra or LucasArts adventure: This game is made by a fan for the fans and feels like a game straight out that era in all the best ways. And the fact that Bryce made this entire game by himself makes it even more impressive!”

So far a lot of lip service (more like text service) has been paid to Tick’s Tale but you probably want to see how the throwback point-and-click game looks in action. Well, you can check out the trailer below.

The game sports the retro 8-bit graphics from the olden days of King’s Quest and Space Quest, but infuses the game with new-school challenges and puzzles. The humor doesn’t take itself too seriously and it knows its place in today’s market and poking fun at the adventure genre themes along the way.

The user reviews are far and few but they seem to be positive so far. If you’re in the mood for a hand-drawn, point-and-click title, you can check out Tick’s Tale right now by either hitting up the Phoenix Online Publishing website or by checking out the Steam store page.


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