Titanfall 2 Single-Player Can Be Played Offline, Releases October 28th
(Last Updated On: June 12, 2016)

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts revealed that Titanfall 2 will have a full campaign mode and that the single-player campaign can be played offline. You don’t have to worry about always-on DRM forcing you to play through the mode even when your internet connection is down.

During the EA Play event, Electronic Arts and Respawn announced that in addition to bringing back the multiplayer modes, Titanfall 2 will go all-in on a campaign mode that features a telling tale between a Titan and a pilot. You can check out the trailer below.

The Titan, named BT, finds his original pilot being killed in action and takes initiative to link to another pilot while on the battlefield named Jack Cooper. Cooper will presumably be the new protagonist for the campaign mode for Titanfall 2, but don’t be surprised if the game takes some liberty with the story and mixes things up.

They don’t detail exactly how long the campaign will be but it looks like it dives deep back into the sort of themes that helped put Infinity Ward on the map with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In addition to rolling out the single-player mode, Respawn also showcased the multiplayer, where they revealed some of the new features, including the new grapple hook that can be tethered to both Titans and other players. Combos can then be stringed together, including zipping to another player and kicking them right in the face, or latching onto an enemy Titan and propelling oneself into the air and commandeering a spare Titan on the field. You can check it out below in the multiplayer video for Titanfall 2.

In addition to the grappling hook, they’ve also included new abilities for the pilots, such as invisibility, teleportation and gravity grenades. The Titans also gain access to melee weapons as well, such as swords.

Titanfall 2 appears to look like it’s taken everything from the first game and just made it bigger. They don’t detail how many players can be on the field at a time, but hopefully they’ve ramped up the player count quite a bit. If they sacrificed graphics for more gameplay options then that’s a-okay in my book.

You can look for Titanfall 2 to launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting October 28th.

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  • Mr.Towel

    Heh, sad to see that a single-player campaign has to announced as a special feature these days…

    • Sad, ain’t it? At least it’s coming. Better than them trying to promote an always-on atmosphere and pass it off as something the community wants.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I was playing Project Snowblind earlier and you can hijack mechs and I was thinking about how there should be more more FPS mech games, so this interests me.

    It seems like these mechs do have a mind of their own and will try to save the player. I wonder if that’ll happen during gameplay, like if the player and mech separate for some reason and the mech will come to your aid. There will probably be missions where both the pilot and mech are separated and have to go through the mission alone.

    • There will probably be missions where both the pilot and mech are separated and have to go through the mission alone.

      I was definitely thinking the same thing. Like, once they said the BT Titan’s pilot was KIA and he had no other options but to pick up Cooper, I was thinking “Well you’ll likely have to play some missions as just the Titan”.

      Should make for a very interesting campaign.

  • LurkerJK

    I am tempted, i really liked the first game, after being impressed by the beta i bought it day one, only to find out it was pretty much the same as the beta with a few samey feeling maps, it just did not have enough content to last more than a week or two

    I was watching the Totalbiscuit EA stream and they complained it looks too similar to the first game but imho the additions seem good, there really was not much to “fix” other than adding more content

    Lets see if they manage to cool off my mecha murder boner with microtransactions or DLC