Tom Clancy’s The Division Has A New Clear Sky Fuse Box Exploit

There’s a new glitch or exploit that players can do in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The fuse box glitch allows players to sprint with the fuse so that they can speed through missions quicker, including the Clear Sky Incursion. Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

This glitch or exploit works while the user is still alive, and deactivates once the user logs out or quits. So it’s best to plan when to do this glitch to get the max out of running around with any fuse box before quitting the game.

With that said, for PC the glitch requires folks to utilize the keys F and the Space Bar, while Xbox One players need to press X and A, which leads us to the PS4 having to use Square and X. These buttons lead to players interacting with the fuse and enter/exiting cover and should be followed by running.

The best way to do this glitch is to go to the Subway Morgue. Clear the area near the first fuse box and then glitch your character with the fuse box and cover. If it works correctly you can do it on the second box that’s not too far from the location of the first, which you can then do on the Clear Sky Incursion.

To see the glitch active and working, you can watch the ultimate Division glitcher, GamesGlitches, doing the fuse box exploit below.

If the video above was too confusing, you can watch the original video by Cronic Gamerz who shows how to do the glitch from beginning to end at the Subway Morgue, while doing the fuse box and running method.

If the exploit doesn’t work anymore, it’s most likely that the devs patched the glitch. With that said, it’s best to hop on board and do the glitch if this method seems useful before it gets patched. Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


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