Versus: Battle Of The Gladiator Set To Hit Steam Early Access On June 20th

Developer Netker has a new multiplayer online PvP game set to land on Steam Early Access this June, which will actually go live in the next four days as of this writing. The third-person fighting game pits players in a gladiator style arena that focuses on pure melee combat, and tests each participant’s skill to see who emerges on top. Versus: Battle of the Gladiator will hit PC via Steam on June 20th.

I don’t know how folks will take to Versus: Battle of the Gladiator on release, but I’m sure that this game will create a lot of rage quitters when other players see their own character get the mess beat out of them with these finishers. Sporting a JRPG-like battle system of heavy/quick and stylized attacks in Versus, I can see where some new players will yell “cheater” when they start loosing.

I don’t know how well the hit collisions, animations and controls will play out, but if the devs manage to make the game legit mechanically I could see some pretty decent fights coming from this game — if done correctly.

Versus Battle of the Gladiator 2

If you are looking for a description for the MO PvP you can read it below, which details what players can expect from Versus.

“Versus: Battle of the Gladiator is an MO PvP action game featuring brutal and hardcore non-targeting third person melee combat system. Destroy your enemies to rise as a victor, and become the legend of the arena.”

Something that I should note, I like how the combat can be fast but I don’t like how the camera shakes every time a player attacks. It becomes very distracting and obscures the target in the player’s perspective. Aside from that the video trailer shows a list of finishers, characters, moves along with other features.

After watching that video the devs should re-name the game to “Rage Quite 9000.” But with all jokes aside, the game will feature a survival mode against enemy AIs, a team vs team mode, a boss assault, and an all out PvP mode that will allow up to eight players to participate.

The devs make mention that you will be able to craft armor, lose all of your armor pieces if hit too much during fights, and battle with a non-targeting combat system. Versus: Battle Of The Gladiator is set to hit Steam Early Access on June 20th, if you want more information you can hit up


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