War Thunder Update 1.59 ‘Flaming Arrow’ Adds More Tanks, Planes And Maps

Gaijin just published a new update to the multi-war MMO game War Thunder, which adds new maps, planes and tanks. Using the title “Flaming Arrow” in the recent 1.59 update, those who enjoy playing as the USSR, Great Britain, Germany or the U.S., will be able to enjoy a plethora of content. War Thunder is out now for both PC and PS4.

Update Flaming Arrow offers quite a bit of new vehicles and stages for players to battle with. But first, looking over to the tanks we see that four out of five factions have more than one new tank to use. The USSR now has the IT-1 ATGM tank, ASU-57 SPG, ASU-85 SPG and the KV-2 ZIS-6 heavy tank under its belt, which offers the faction more firepower than before.

As for Germany, the faction now holds the new Raketeniagdpanzer 2 ATGM tank, the Sturer Emil SPG, the PZ. III Ausf. B medium tank (reverse), the KV-II 754 (r) heavy tank and the T-34-747(r) medium tank as usable vehicles. Great Britain also tags along with the Cromwell MK. V RP3 medium tank, and the Strv 81 medium tank.

The last faction to receive a batch of tanks is the U.S. Update 1.59 brings the T29 heavy tank, the M551 “Sheridan” light tank, the M48A1 medium tank and the LVT(A)(1) light tank (Reverse). Before jumping into the video below, a total of ten new planes also join the battle along with three new maps. All of the above can be seen in the video below courtesy of War Thunder‘s YouTube channel.

Something worth noting, a lot of people are somewhat excited about this update but don’t seem too pleased with how the developers are treating players and some of the content. I haven’t played the game in a while and don’t know if it’s actually going down hill like most of the recent negative reviews on Steam are noting, but it’s been popping up enough that it’s now got my attention.

One of the biggest complaints is how the game isn’t historically accurate or “balanced” as it once was in the past. It is also said to have turned more in favor of USSR players than any other faction, which has sparked a term called “Russian bias.”

Many veteran players say that German equipment has been nerfed and don’t match or come close to their actual statistics and stand no chance against a lot of Russian equipment. I can’t confirm this, but I do see a lot of comments being deleted referring to this kinda of stuff by Gaijin, meaning that the devs don’t like their hardcore and paying players criticizes the unbalanced work in the game.

Considering that I haven’t played the game in a while, it’s best advise that you read up on a lot of veteran players’ reviews and how they enjoy the game to see if the new update is worth getting. For more information on the game and update 1.59, you can head on over to Steam or warthunder.com.


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