Watch EA Play Live-Stream Right Here

If you’re in the mood to check out the EA Play live-stream and all of the big reveals, you’ve come to the right place. The stream is getting underway today 1pm PST and from there onward, EA will keep you locked in as they have post-conference interviews, gameplay clips and discussions with the developers as they talk up all their big new titles set to drop throughout this year and next year.

The live-stream can be viewed below or you can head on over to the EA Live website to check it out.

The EA Play live press conference will cover a wide range of games, including the highly anticipated Titanfall 2, which features for the first time in the series a robust campaign mode designed after the likes of the Call of Duty series for which Respawn Entertainment (back when they were known as Infinity Ward) became famous for. Titanfall 2 also sports brand new Titans to pilot, new multiplayer maps, brand new weapons — including Titan swords — and expanded game modes.

Battlefield 1 is another big doozy set to turn pants aflame and pants into ash. The game has been making a name for itself as the Call of Duty killer, and it looks like with the right combination of graphics, gameplay and awesome modes, DICE just might pull it off assuming that everything goes as planned.

The other big game on EA’s plate is Mass Effect Andromeda, the newest game in the critically acclaimed space RPG. Hopefully for the first time in two years we’ll finally see what the gameplay looks like for this title, as EA has been keeping it under wraps for a while. They also have some new content in the pipeline for Star Wars: Battlefront and reveals for Respawn Entertainment’s take on the Star Wars series, which should be very interesting to see.


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