XCOM 2 Heading To PS4 And Xbox One On September 6th

[Update 8/6/2016: XCOM 2 has been delayed to September 27th for Xbox One and PS4.]

With the recent announcement by Firaxis Games about XCOM 2 heading to consoles (which comes in as no real surprise) the devs plan to release it for PS4 and Xbox One this year on September 6th. Following said date, three days later the strategy game will go live for consoles worldwide on September 9th.

If you like XCOM 2 and its alien action on PC and want to play it consoles, the sci-fi strategy game will now be available for folks to play on PS4 and Xbox One this September. Three days afterwards the game will go live for said consoles worldwide on September 9th. To be honest, this announcement isn’t surprising at all due to how popular the game is and how previous editions were released for consoles, but for those excited about the news, you will be able to view the latest near-40 second long trailer that was published on the XCOM YouTube channel.

For those who don’t own the strategy game, it places gamers in the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which takes place twenty years after humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and covers the existence of the new world order on Earth. After shadow drifting for years, the team known as XCOM rises up and seeks to eliminate any alien occupation.

Once in the game players will find that tactics, strategy and formation will play a huge part in overcoming battles, causing less causalities and more victories through each mission. Following tactics and other strategies is customization, which allows for better weapons and equipment for your soldiers to perform better on the field. If that sounds interesting, you can get a hold of the game now for PC by hitting up Steam.

Those who are on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to enjoy the extraterrestrial fun on September 6th, and on the 9th for its world release. For more information on XCOM 2 coming to consoles, you can hit up xcom.com.

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