XSplit Broadcaster Lands On Steam For Free

XSplit Broadcaster

SplitmediaLabs and Devolver Digital announced today that their popular live-streaming broadcaster utility, XSplit Broadcaster, is now available for free on the Steam storefront. They also offer a premium version of the live-streaming app for $9.99.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker doesn’t understand live-streaming for Let’s Play sessions, but he does understand the power of the dollar, dollar bill, so he’s all in on this partnership to bring XSplit to Steam, saying in the press release…

“There will never be a time in my life that I understand nerds watching other nerds play nerd games on the internet,” […] “That said, you should buy XSplit from me and then stream all sorts of nonsense and get them subs.”

They released a video trailer to give you an idea of how the software technology works and what sort of benefits it can afford you if you’re a streamer who plays games through Steam.

So a basic breakdown is this: if you want to play a game and then broadcast that out to the world while also giving people an opportunity to check out your model-quality mug, you can do that.

As mentioned in the press release, this software application allows users to broadcast TV-quality images while also displaying a split-image of another screen. Technically, you don’t even have to use this for video game purposes. You could become the next David Pakman and earn some journalism cred on YouTube by wading into the gaseous remnants of the #GamerGate culture wars, interviewing Z-list burnouts and wannabe e-celebs.

This also comes at a pristine time for XSplit as a software application because SplitmediaLabs recently updated it to version 2.8, offering new upgrades to the Gamecaster, as well as support for YouTube Gaming’s chat API, and custom URI support.

You can learn more about XSplit Broadcaster by visiting the official website, or you can download the software application right now from over on the Steam store.