Zone 4: Fight District Returns on Steam Greenlight

Zone 4: Fight District was a fairly popular MMO arcade fighting game that ran from around 2010 through 2013, but then the publishing company OGPlanet decided to close the game down and it has been lost in history ever since. That is, until now.

There isn’t much information about this new version of Zone 4 that is coming to Steam, and there are no details whether this version will still be made by the same developers and publishers, or if it will be made by an entirely new development and marketing team that will run the game. There is also no information if it will have a graphics upgrade for modern day gaming standards, because it still looks like the same game that closed back in May 31st, 2013. All we really know is that this new version was posted up on Steam Greenlight and there seems to be a large group of fans for Zone 4 that are pretty happy that the game is making a return.

Zone 4: Fight District became popular for being an online arcade fighting game that featured a variety of different fighting styles and customization options, ranging from Boxing, to capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, sambo, Judo, and even Muay Thai. Zone 4: Fight District had a variety of different game modes as well, from standard player vs environment NPC enemies, to player vs player, and even a zombie defense game mode. The graphics have a cartoon cel-shaded look, with a large variety of crazy costumes to make your characters look unique. YouTuber Tongi Seo uploaded two video trailers for the updated Steam version of Zone 4, so I linked them down below so you can see a bit of what the game has to offer.

For now, there is no information about an official release date, new updates or new content, all we have is a couple of videos and a really short description on the Steam Greenlight page.

If you are a fan of the classic game and would like to jump back in, or maybe you are a new player and would like to give Zone 4 a try, you can follow the provided link to cast your vote.


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