3on3 FreeStyle Basketball Coming To PS4 Soon

JoyCity announced that the multiplayer basketball game 3on3 FreeStyle would be making its way to the PlayStation 4 at the end of this summer. The free-to-play online game will be making the leap from PC to PlayStation soon.

In the press release they announced that 3on3 FreeStyle would feature exactly what the name infers: three-on-three street basketball.

Thankfully the game will support both online and local multiplayer options, so if you have a few friends over you can team up together or go head to head. They’ll also have one-on-one online modes and one-on-one offline modes against the AI.

They released a minute long trailer to give gamers a short glimpse at what the graphics and gameplay for 3on3 FreeStyle will be like on the PS4.

Joycity has already been sending out beta codes to the press and there are some videos already posted up of the gameplay to give gamers an idea of how it works in real time.

The game is actually a newer iteration of the FreeStyle series, which has been around for ages. The gameplay is fast and fluent but if you’re looking for technical streetball or realistic animations or physics, you’re dribbling down the wrong court. You can check out the gameplay below courtesy of GameSpot.

There aren’t many character models available and each character model is attached to a class. In order to avoid the clone issue you’ll need to purchase items from the cash shop.

As you level up and earn credits you can upgrade your character’s skills and abilities, unlocking new street court moves and tag-team maneuvers.

The game was okay back when I played it many years ago but it paled in comparison to things like the street court modes in the NBA Live (back when NBA Live was actually fun).

You can keep an eye out for the beta to arrive on the PS4 soon, or visit the official website to learn more.

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