90 Minute Fever, Soccer Management MMO Enters Early Access July 12th

Isokron announced recently that they have an MMO football manager simulator set to enter into Early Access next week on July 12th.

Isokron is promoting 90 Minute Fever as the first of its kind… an MMO where you can join others and manage your soccer/football team in order to bring them to the very heights of premiere league victory.

It’s mentioned in the press release…

“[…] you create and customize your very own club, sign real players and compete against a community of active opponents in a persistent online world to ultimately become a legacy. Four years in the making, Greenlit in only seven days, the excitement, the anticipation and the wait comes to fruition as July 12th marks the date on which the public BETA of 90 Minute Fever comes to Early Access”

They released a 49 second promotional trailer for the game covering the many options that are available in the title. You can check it out below.

The video shows what the PvP matches are like, with players managing their team, offering a little bit of smack talk to their opponents, and surveying the outcomes of the match.

Jersey customization, finances, squad tactics, ball control, and pitch formations are all on the table. Players can focus the team on tackling aggressively, or closing down on opponents like a roach trapped in a corner by a squad of those mecha Orkin men from the 1990s.

Now the game promises not to be pay-to-win. There’s no way to know for sure until the pricing details are made public. According to the Steam page, they will have microtransactions and the pricing will stay the same from Early Access to full release.

They plan on keeping the game in Early Access for anywhere between nine and 12 months.

You can learn more about 90 Minute Fever by checking out the Steam store page or looking for the game to go live in Early Access on July 12th.


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