AIRHEART: A Rogue-like With Airplanes Gets Greenlit For Steam

Rogue-like games are flooding the Indie game market and almost every other game we see has some type of rogue-like quality to it. However, how many have you seen that were based around flying airplanes?

Indie developers Blindflug Studio are the developers behind Airheart, which is a play on words for Amelia Earhart’s name. The world of Airheart takes place in a Dieselpunk setting, high up in the sky where majority of the land is nothing more than floating sky islands that drift between the clouds, and the best way to travel between these islands is by Airplane or Airship.

Obviously, the main protagonist’s name is also Amelia to keep with the theme of Airheart (and her real life counterpart). Amelia is a young pilot that flies between the floating sky islands hunting skyfish. Amelia’s dream is to fly higher than any human has ever flown before, to take down the legendary Skywhale for fame and fortune.

Airheart 2

In Airheart, you will adventure through the skies and travel from one floating sky island to the next, hunting skyfish for money and battling rival pirates and deadly security drones to make a living. With the money you earn, you will be able to upgrade your Airplane, buy new parts, and equip it with new powerful weapons as you venture out into the stratosphere to hunt bigger fish.

The graphics and art style is set in a vibrant colorful world, and the gameplay looks to have isometric arcade shooter elements. The developers released a small teaser travel for the game, so I linked it down below so you can get an idea about what Airheart is like.

Airheart was submitted to Steam Greenlight and the community quickly voted it through to become an official Steam game.The developers say that Airheart is ready to be released as an Early Access game, and that it is currently playable, but an official final release date has not yet been announced.

For additional details and information about Airheart, you can also visit the official website for further details.


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