Arma 3 Redline Server Adds New Map, Vehicles, And Aquatic Gameplay

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that I was watching a trailer for the next Far Cry game. The French development team at Red Rooster Gaming has created their own Arma 3 server for their new Redline Tanoa Island expansion mod.

The development team released a gameplay trailer showcasing all the new features that you will be able to experience in their new Redline mod. The trailer showcases a beautiful tropical jungle environment, filled with lush trees, plant life, clear blue oceans, and the ambient sound effects of a living jungle to completely immerse you into the Tanoa island. Players will be able to take control of a variety of vehicles to traverse the island, a few of them are completely unique and made just for the Tanoa Redline server. You will have jeeps, tanks, recon airplanes, helicopters, boats, and even the ability to dive into the water and swim around.

arma 3 redline 3

The new server will place three factions fighting for control of the island — the US forces, the Russians, or break free and fight independently from both countries. There are six specialty “classes” for you to choose from, allowing you to be an aircraft pilot, a Sniper, a Rifleman, a Tank Operator, a Medic, or a Sapper. You can take a look at the Redline trailer that I linked down below from the Official Red Rooster Gaming YouTube channel.

If you want to join and get involved you will need Arma 3 APEX extension in order to play. The Tanoa Island Redline server is currently in its Alpha stage, but the team at Red Rooster Gaming is accepting people to join.

You will need to first sign up and join their Team Speak channel so that you can gain the server password and additional instructions on how to get started, you can follow the provided link to learn more. For additional information and details you can also visit the Redline Official page from Red Rooster’s website to learn more.


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