Baldr Sky, Visual Novel Mecha-RPGs Coming Soon To Steam

Sekai Project has announced that a variety of games are coming to PC gamers in West, starting with the two Baldr Sky visual novels, Baldr Sky Dive 1 and Baldr Sky Dive 2.

During this year’s Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles, California, Sekai Project revealed a list of games they have planned in the pipeline for Western audiences, including the two Baldr Sky games. To commemorate the announcement they released two trailers, featuring the intros for both games. You can check them out below.

The visual novels are lengthy fanfare, featuring a futuristic society in which nanomachines help construct the very fabric of our known society. The cyberpunk atmosphere lends itself well to the mecha themes and virtual battlegrounds where they will assume the role of a young lad named Kou Kadokura seeking to avenge the death of his girlfriend, Sora.

It kind of sounds like Blade Runner meets Sword Art online.

The visual novels are highly popular over in Japan and Western audiences will finally have an opportunity to experience them for themselves.

The visual novel mixes in traditional, character-driven stories with the action-RPG mechanics of battling it out using the virtual mecha units. Players will be able to acquire, upgrade and outfit their mech to get stronger and more resilient in the online battles. It sounds really intriguing, to be completely honest.

They don’t offer an exact release date on when you can expect to get your hands on this upcoming visual novel pairing, but you can likely expect to see it arrive on the Steam store “soon”.

Sekai Project has alreadyt opened up a portal site for the game so interested gamers can scope it out and sign-up for the mailing list, but beyond that it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game.


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