Black Desert Online Ocean Trailer Reveals Boat Battles And Underwater Creatures

There’s no doubt that Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss’ latest MMO RPG, Black Desert Online, is beautiful, and with the recent update that Korean players will receive adds on to the graphical experience. The big expansion, or update, brings with it vast oceans to explore, deep sea creatures, trading and much more.

As most Western players know, they will be getting the newly added ninja classes. This includes the Ninja and the Kunoichi, who manipulate the field with quick attacks and cunning moves that blindside the enemy when they least expect danger.

Sadly, though, Western folks won’t be getting the new ocean update anytime soon, seeing how the devs are sticking to the original version first. With that said, the new expansion that the Koreans will be getting tomorrow holds giant ocean areas, battle ship encounters, trading and more.

Those looking for a nice glimpse regarding this update can check out a nice underwater shot, which shows a school of fish swimming near a rock bed filled with coral reefs growing.

black desert online 4

The picture above comes from the video below, and looks quite nice to be honest. However, that’s just one part of the update that brings other features, like guilds being able to build war galleys and trading caravels to heighten their dominance around the vast ocean.

We also get to see some of the northern parts of Haseo. This also leads to players being able to trade at a post on the coast, however they won’t be able to explore the internal parts just yet.

As seen below, the video covers nearly everything noted above allowing viewers to take in all the new content through their own eyes. You can watch the trailer thanks to Daumblackdesert‘s YouTube channel.

Western folks looking forward to this update will have to wait sometime for this to be seeded over, but the update and the awakening will be featured at this year’s Gamescom. Lastly, for more information regarding Black Desert Online, you can head on over to its main site.

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