Black Desert Online Update To Bring Kunoichi And Ninja Classes Next Week

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss introduced two new trailers showing off the coming classes for their MMORPG — Black Desert Online. The first is the Kunoichi, while the second comes in as the Ninja class. The PC game will gain both classes on July 20th.

Once under the moniker of Daum Games and now as Kakao Games, the company announced that the Kunoichi and Ninja classes will be playable next week. The two new classes also bring some screenshots along with them.

The two might seem similar but offer some unique advantages over each other. The Kunoichi fights almost like the Ninja but focuses in deflecting or countering attacks with her Kunai. She also uses her sharp senses to predict incoming attacks to block any incoming force accordingly to inflict devastating damage instead.

As for the Ninja class, he specializes in agile close-quarters combat. Using dashes, aerial skills and teleportation to avoid fatal encounters, he also does well up close near his opponents. Like the Kunoichi, the Ninja can conceal himself until the time is right to unleash skills that debuff and stun his enemies.

Something that I think will help with both classes in battles, as well as other classes is the new update, is the introduction of the new Skill Add-on System. This allows players to customize their attacks by attaching up to two effects to their characters’ skills. The update also adds a Skill Reset so that players can reset and redistribute their points properly when building their characters.

You can check out the Kunoichi’s official video trailer showing her skills off in battle.

The video below has some pretty bad audio, I’m not sure what was going on when the team uploaded the Ninja’s video, but it’s up for viewing pleasure.

For those that want to see all of the images and screenshots of both Black Desert Online classes in action can view the bundle below.

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For more information about this game you can head on over to Black Desert Online’s official website.


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