Blossom Tales Goes Old-School With Legend Of Zelda-Style Gameplay

FDG Games and Castle Pixel’s Blossom Tales is an upcoming action-adventure game set to release this fall on Steam for PC. The developers recently sent out a trailer showing off some of the gameplay and some of the weapons and items that will be at the disposal of players.

Blossom Tales stars Lily, a knight in training hoping to join an elite unit that protects the kingdom. The king is placed in peril and dipped into a deep sleep by an evil wizard, forcing Lily to have to venture out and find a remedy, this includes hacking and slashing down enemies, throwing bombs and cutting down foes with boomerangs.

You can see the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of how the top-down mechanics work and what sort of adventures you can expect from the game.

The colors and art-style are bright and vibrant, reminiscent of the old 16-bit SNES titles. The music, sound effects and aesthetic are all aimed at mirroring the Legend of Zelda games on Nintendo’s older home consoles. From the combat to the sound effects and everything else in between, it’s a new-school throwback to a classic game genre.

According to the developers there will be more than 20 hours worth of gameplay, along with a large, explorable world, four different dungeons to conquer, lots of items to collect, and an engaging story about Lily’s rise to joining the order of the Knights of the Rose.

Very similar to The Odd Gentlemen’s reboot of King’s Quest, the story in Blossom Tales is actually being told to young kids by their grandfather. It’s an interesting vehicle to use to convey the story, and seems to be a go-to plot device for some games recently.

Anyway, you can look for Blossom Tales to launch in the fall later this year for Steam on PC. To scope out some more screenshots on the game feel free to hit up the official website.


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