Buck, Post-Apocalyptic Action-Adventure Kickstarter Succeeds

Israeli developer Wave Interactive have announced that they managed to hit their Kickstarter goal for Buck, the post-apocalyptic, action-adventure game starring a dog on a mission for the truth.

The game had a modest goal of only $30,000 to help the developers finish off Buck and get it released on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

At the moment the PC version has a playable demo available so you can play-test the game for yourself and see what Wave Interactive is going for with the violent, biker-culture themes and anthropomorphic aesthetics.

Gal Kfir, project lead at Wave Interactive, commented about the game being Kickstarted with some time left on the counter, stating in the press release…

“With 72 hours to go, we have funded,” “and we’re incredibly grateful for everyone showing their love for our game, based on my beloved little dog.”


“Now we look towards reaching some potential stretch goals, to help enrichen both Buck’s world and its inhabitants. We look forward to sharing our plans with you via our most recent Kickstarter update.”

The game has a cool approach to its mixed design scheme. There is two parts to the way Buck is played. Firstly, there’s the adventure element… where players will travel around, talking with different individuals and helping players learn more about the world he inhabits. The second element to the game is the action parts; it plays out a lot like Shank with the side-scrolling shooting and melee combat.

However, what separates Buck from Shank is that the game allows players to gather up items from around the game world and craft their own weapons. The weapon selection and variety is varied between a host of different types of projectile and melee weapons, and is bound to keep players entertained with finding new parts and building new items. It reminds me a little bit of the old Outlander game fused with a gritty, comic-book style adventure not unlike Full Throttle.

The noir storyline, player-driven choices in dialogue and the action-brawling aspects seems like it should be enough to make Buck worth its entry price.

The game is a long ways off from release, though. Wave Interactive isn’t expecting to have Buck completed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC until July, 2017. You can keep track of the game’s progress of learn more by visiting the official Steam page.


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