Dragon Quest VII New Trailer Reveals Classic Turn-Based Battles And Launch Date

If you are into Dragon Quest games and own an Nintendo 3DS, you are in luck. Square Enix will bring Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past to the 3DS on September 16th.

Dragon Quest games are pretty interesting, like Dragon Quest Builders, which will release in the West on October 11th and allow gamers to engage in Minecraft-style exploration and adventure. But enough on that version, the 3DS iteration will head to the handheld device in the next two months, bringing its classic turn-based fun with it.

Just like any other Dragon Quest game, this one also stirs up the challenge of tactical enemies. This means that each enemy will be different from others, and will call for players to pay attention to their unique style, leading to the player emerging victorious if they address each enemy correctly.

As of course, a new trailer rolls around showing the game off. While showing the game’s features to eager fans, the video also narrates what will be in Fragments of the Forgotten Past, which holds a lot of classic elements from the original games.

The 3DS remake will have players traveling back to the past in the ever familiar world, and will also feature over 30 vocations — better known as classes to hardcore fans —  each with their own spells and abilities.

You can watch the video trailer below, which was posted up by Nintendo. The video runs in close to one full minute and 30 seconds.

Seeing that Dragon Quest VII is coming to the 3DS, it does make me excited. And having played a few of the older titles myself, I am looking forward to this game when it releases.

If you are like me and want to play the upcoming Dragon Quest game by Square Enix, Fragments of the Forgotten Past will become available across the West on September 16th, this year.


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