E-Mails Reveal Rolling Stone Editors Knew UVA Rape Story Was Fake
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2016)

The court case involving the suit against Rolling Stone for running the highly defamatory story involving a gang rape case at the University of Virginia – a story that turned out to be fake – took an interesting turn when e-mails came to light showing that the original author of the story, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, had gone to other Rolling Stone editors to contest the veracity of the victim’s story.

According to the Daily Caller, some of the e-mails filed in the court case – that sees UVA dean Nicole Eramo suing The Rolling Stone for the libelous article – shows that author Sabrina Rubin Erdely second guessed the victim’s testimony shortly after the original article was published in November, 2014.

After first confirming in an e-mail to Paul Farhi from The Washington Post on December 1st, 2014 that both her and The Rolling Stone were “confident” with the story, it was only a few days removed from that admission of confidence that author Sabrina Rubin Erdely sent an e-mail in the twilight hours of December 5th, 2014 to Rolling Stone editors Will Dana and Sean Woods; it was anything but confident. The e-mail was rife with doubt, second guessing, and a new kind of admission… that the alleged victim may have lied to her.

Erdely started off in the letter, writing…

“Will and Sean – we can’t run the statement tomorrow. In fact, we’re goin to have to run a retraction. I just got off the phone with Jackie and her friend Alex; neither I nor Alex find Jackie credible any longer.”

This should have been enough to at least back away from the story, to at least second guess or question the motivations, the witnesses, go back and examine the evidence. Right?

Erdely wasn’t done, though, she broke down a few of the inconsistencies of the so-called victim’s story and even went as far as to write that the testimony from the victim wasn’t “credible”…

“I’ve been trying to verify the identiy of her assailant, and when I asked her for help, it spiraled into confusion. By the time we ended our conversation, I felt nearly certain that she was not being truthful.”


“[…] I’m not saying saying that Jackie wasn’t raped in that house, or on that night. However, Jackie isn’t credible.”

Later that morning on December 5th, 2014, Paul Farhi published his piece on The Washington Post calling into question a number of facts and details missing from The Rolling Stone piece about the alleged UVA rape. Astonishingly, this was not enough to get The Rolling Stone or the involved authors to retract the article nor pull away from the false narrative that even the original author was no longer confident was the actual truth.

They had listened and believed, and they were standing by the piece even if it was all a lie.

It wasn’t until the Columbia Journalism Review broke down the piece and discredited it did they finally retract the article on April 5th, 2015 last year.

The retraction and outing that the whole thing was fake prompted for a surprisingly mum response from  many left-wing media outlets and proclaimed Social Justice Activists.

The UVA decided to sue for $10 million. The Washington Post quoted the filing from the Charlottesville Circuit Court, which stated…

“The [defamatory and false statements] were the result of a wanton journalist who was more concerned with writing an article that fulfilled her preconceived narrative about the victimization of women on American college campuses, and a malicious publisher who was more concerned about selling magazines to boost the economic bottom line for its faltering magazine, than they were about discovering the truth or actual facts.”

Some of the sites reporting on the new e-mails seem to skip out on the parts where even Sabrina Rubin Erdely questions the veracity of the alleged victim’s testimony.

The Washington Post further reported that the so-called victim’s story kept changing and that the details were not staying consistent even before Erdely published the piece; but they went ahead with it anyway. Worse yet is that they even kept with the story even after Erdely was hit with a guilt-ridden conscientious epiphany, which spurred her into action to e-mail The Rolling Stone editors suggesting for a retraction of the story.

Reason.com did a report on the recent court filings, some of which revealed that the supposed victim had an obsession with Law and Order: SVU. Yes, the exact same Law and Order that based an episode around #GamerGate and Anita Sarkeesian.

Reason writes…

“Jackie told [Sabrina Ruben Erdely] that her assault called to mind a specific episode in which a female college student is gang raped by fraternity members. No one believes the girl, and she eventually commits suicide.


“Jackie also said that some time after her assault, she re-watched the episode with her father. This prompted her to tell him, for the first time, that what happened to the girl on the show had also happened to her.”

Reason notes that it’s plausible that the entire hoax was based on that particular episode of Law and Order: SVU.

Ultimately, the more that’s revealed the scarier it becomes knowing that such a large publication – even with all the telltale signs that the story did not hold up under scrutiny – was willing to completely destroy the lives of all of those in the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, using a fake story in order to push the agenda about “rape culture” on college campuses.

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  • Hawk Hopper

    I left college over a year ago and when I read articles like this, it feels like by some miracle I didn’t end up in front of Kafka’s executioners.

    I mean what if I ended up with some insane chick who wanted to turn my life into a god damn Law & Order episode? What if some sleazy “journos” from some major rag like The Rolling Stone decided they needed to watch some young men burn, no matter if those guys didn’t do anything wrong?

    Holy shit this whole campus rape hysteria like a modern witch hunt.

  • Michael P

    In the words of the great Leigh Alexander: Fuck ethics, get money.

  • C G Saturation

    People don’t seem to realize that most people do not care about facts, only what can be used to make money, push agendas and allow people to feel good about themselves. Even if the source is known to be false, they will run with it.

    They need to create a “problem” so they can beg for money to “fight” the “problem”. That’s why they need to create rapes where there are none. This of course ends up hurting real rape victims, whom they often do not care about.

    I recall hearing something about Rolling Stone going to shit after their original editor(?) got kicked out. Don’t remember the details, though.

    • They need to create a “problem” so they can beg for money to “fight” the “problem”. That’s why they need to create rapes where there are none. This of course ends up hurting real rape victims, whom they often do not care about.


      It’s now hard for me to read a story about an alleged rape victim without thinking “Is this actually true?” We’ve had so many back to back cases of fraudulent rape accusations making national headlines that now instead of sympathizing with potential victims, the first thing that comes to mind is that it could all be fake.

      I remember explaining to someone that the only celebrated rape culture here in the West is the one fabricated by the media.

      • C G Saturation

        Fabricated AND celebrated. I live in a sexist, racist shithole where the daily news mostly consists of stories about men treating women badly, and the women being innocent victims.

        They probably encourage people to make false claims by the disproportionate amount of attention they give that subject. Very easy to claim your five minutes of fame that way. I doubt that giving so much attention to rape victims (whilst demonizing men) does much to prevent actual rapes, either.

        Especially when you have the media covering up rapes by immigrants and actual rape victims covering for their rapists in an illogical attempt to “curb racism”, while the offenders run around freely raping more people.

        When they do take action against rapes, it’s stupid shit like videos telling women to raise their hand and say “no”, or wristbands with text that illiterate immigrants can’t even read. Or attacking men in general as if they must all be rapists. These all betray the fact that they don’t really give a damn.

      • TBill

        “Is this actually true?” It is really sad but I have reached the same point. I have seen so many false stories that have destroyed innocents that I now react with heavy skepticism. It calls to mind the 3,000 year old children’s story “the Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Ancient Greece warning us to this day about what happens to the truth when people are more concerned about attention.

  • scemar

    where we’re going we don’t need tinfoil hats
    with the SJW’s around, the conspiracies make themselves
    and it’s all real

    re-adjust your suspension of disbelief folks, because it’s 2016, and nothing is too crazy, too corrupt, or too unthinkable for the people out there whose ideologies align as sjw

    • Smug

      False flags and conspiracies existed in the past, but those are becoming more obvious with how mainstream media are trying to push a certain narrative with the government punishing those who dare to question it.

  • Gerg Arata

    Video games news how? Is rolling stone doing video game news now?

    • Jim

      GamerGate related since it was one of the incidents around the time that GG happened that showed this SJW and feminist culture didn’t just apply to the writing hacks at Gawker, Polygon, or Gama sutra either. These ideological fucktards are all over the media space.

      • “These ideological fucktards are all over the media space.”

        I cannot emphasize this enough.

        There are still a lot of people who think that this SJW/feminist stuff is only an issue in video games. If they took a moment to look beyond video games, they’ll see that these pricks infest mainstream media, news media, entertainment media, academia, education, politics, and even the government.

    • TBill

      Yes, actually. It is called Glixel.

      • Ha…. I was just about to say that. Didn’t have any relevant context in which to mention it in the article but if they pull any shenanigans at Glixel, I’ll be linking back to this article faster than Hillary had those e-mail servers scrubbed once the news broke.

      • Gerg Arata

        Ah didn’t know that, thanks for enlightening me

    • scemar

      for rolling stones, thi is proof of corruption if fits pro sjw narrative, but it’s part of a greater journalist collusion going on, it serves as example of what is happening all the time, by who, for who, why, and how, as it’s part of a cultural war, one which is affecting videogames, one which is crucial to understand in order to understand what videogames are going through now

      in 2016 you cannot claim to know about videogames, if you do not know the social, cultural and political scenario playing, and in order to know that, you must also delve into journalist corruption

      a picture below, because it illustrates the same sentiment, but with much fewer words

  • It’s disgraceful stuff, and this kind of shit seems to be happening more and more. I hope The Rolling Stone and all of it’s staff get royally fucked in the court case. They deserve it.

    SJWs and feminists could not care less on whether the accused is guilty or not – they’ll just deem any man guilty on accusation alone. And if a man is found innocent – even of if the accuser herself admits it’s untrue – they’ll just say “oh but it doesn’t prove that it didn’t happen” or “there is no justice”. It really reveals their hateful and spiteful misandrist nature.

    Then you have that other imbecile who wrote that article defending Jackie (after knowing she lied), and saying that it’s a good lesson for men and how they can learn from it. My fist almost went through the monitor when I first read that.

    The fact that Emma Sulkowicz (the mattress cunt) was AWARDED for her “bravery” of lying about rape speaks volumes about the anti-men gender politics climate of the West, and is clear indication that Social Justice and modern feminism needs burning down to the ground.

    Am I the only one who thinks that there should be punishment for women who have been proven to have lied of rape?

    • scemar

      they hate men, and want to hurt them

      accusations and the like are the means to that end, and for that reason, it is irrelevant if they’re true or not

      as long as those disgusting men suffer what they deserve,it’s all cool

      • And the men sit back, take it on the nose and allow it to happen right in front of their very eyes again and again.

        If they’re going to continue to whimper away or white-knight then they deserve to be choking down those feminist turd sandwiches.

        • Arbitrary

          “And the men sit back, take it on the nose and allow it to happen right in front of their very eyes again and again.

          If they’re going to continue to whimper away or white-knight then they deserve to be choking down those feminist turd sandwiches.”

          I absolutely agree.

          • “I sometimes look at how utterly apathetic society is to these issues”

            The vast majoritty of women will be apathetic to these issues naturally because it all benefits them, so don’t rely on them to stick up for men, ever.

            As for the men, well the vast majority are apathetic on the issue… until it affects them. That’s when they usually find out how the Western system and society is actually completely rigged against men, despite feminists claiming that women are the ones “oppressed”. And when they do find out, they will regret being a white knight.

            Marriage to a woman in the Western society is the biggest trap of them all for men at the current moment.