Exodemon Seeks To Bring First-Person 3D Demon Action To Greenlight

Exodemon is all about first-person demon action. Slashing and shooting projectiles at your counterparts, folks will also find elements of Doom, Quake and Heretic in Kuupu’s game. Seeking to get on Steam through Greenlight, the indie project is planned to come out later next year for PC.

Exodemon was originally made by one person, who is named Roni Silva. The game went through the LudumDare 35 and was made in 72 hours, under the moniker of Devil’s Hand. As noted above, the game’s core can be traced easily to said classic titles, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

However, it does follow that trend of indie devs using pixels and the “Retro” feel that older games brought forth during the  early to mid 1990’s. I guess you could say that the devs are trying to mix it up with pixelated 3D environments. Although, that’s still been done before.

Exodemon’s description is below, detailing what players can expect from the demon crawling game.

“Using 3D graphics mixed with 2D sprites as in the glorious days of the best FPS games.
Each level can be explored in different ways, the most ambitious players are rewarded by finding new weapons and upgrades.”


“Exodemon has various obstacles to challenge you and your demonic hands!
Each section of the game is filled with treacherous enemies and colossal bosses.”

It’s not a gripe, but I think it is more like a pet peeve, which is how dark the game is. Sometimes it’s so dark you can’t make anything out, or if an enemies is waiting for you in a certain area. Maybe if the devs brighten it just a bit so that you can see, and polish a few things with the hands, I think it’ll be pretty solid.

Two video trailers arrive thanks to Kuupu‘s YouTube channel, which are up for viewing pleasure as seen below.

If this game seems like something worth playing, you can vote for it over on Steam Greenlight. But, if you are eager, a playable demo is accessible over on Game Jolt that contains seven levels, four weapons, two enemies and one boss.


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