Famitsu Releases New BlazBlue Central Fiction Screenshots

A newly published batch of screenshots surfaced for Aksys Games and Arc System Works’ BlazBlue Central Fiction. These screenshots showcase Es, the character menu and other in-game features. Set to hit PS3 and PS4 this year, Japan will receive the game on October 6th, while the West will gain BlazBlue sometime later in the fall.

If you are a fan of BlazBlue Central Fiction, and you’re also into fighting games, you are in luck. Thanks to the publication source Famitsu some new screenshots are up to view. Shown in the main header image for the screenshots below is a picture of the newly playable character Es, which is followed by more images.

In addition to Es, she makes her debut in the mainline fighting series from her appearance in the game’s visual novel spinoff, XBlaze Code: Embryo.

Furthermore, the screenshots also reveals new modes in the game, as well as the returning Abyss Mode, Practice Mode and the gallery. The above is also joined by the Library Mode, which folks will be able to read the events of the past games. This is ideal for newcomers who seek to dive into the game without having to visit Wikias or searching up content out of the latest game.

Although these screenshots aren’t filled with character art, aside from the one of Es, there is a lot of in-game scenes depicting fights, the options menu and most of its features. You can check them out below:

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Lastly, the game features fast and stylized combat. If you are into that kind of stuff and like fighting games that cover battles with special effects, abilities and streamlines combos, then this is a game worth checking out.

Set to debut for PS3 and PS4 this year, Japan will receive the game on October 6th, while the West will gain BlazBlue Central Fiction this Fall.


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