Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood Anime Episodes

Fancy viewing the currently released anime episodes for Final Fantasy XV entitled “Brotherhood”? Well, you can grab a look at the available episodes right here, featuring the animated look at Noctis and his friends as they make their road trip across some dangerous territory.

The first episode is about the four heroes traveling along the road before encountering some enemy troops, engaging in battle. The second episode, called “Dogged Runner”, features the boy band back on the road after battling the Imperial forces.

You can check out the first two episodes below from YouTuber Gaming Source Videos.


The second episode spends a good amount of its time recounting Prompto’s childhood, which consisted of being overweight and lonely. But it’s an endearing tale as Prompto befriends a dog, nurses it back to health, is inadvertently given a task by Luna to befriend Notcis while in school, and proceeds to lose weight by jogging everyday.

It’s rather hilarious that Prompto gained his inspiration to build confidence to become Noctis’ friend by first losing weight. After years of running Prompto finally thins up and becomes boy-band ready, befriending Noctis and becoming prime bait for fangirl fan-fiction on Tumblr.

Episode 2 is a real bromance tale for sure.

The third episode is called “Sword and Shield”. It start with Gladiolus, Prompto, Igniz and Noctis battling a giant monster when the Empire arrives on a transport ship.

The third episode goes back to Noctis’ childhood, where they show him and his relationship with his bodyguard.

The majority of the the third episode is about Iris and Noctis, with Iris getting Noctis in trouble after chasing a kitten. Gladiolus learns of Noctis saving his younger sister Iris and gains some respect for the young prince.

The episode ends with some bromance between Noctis and Gladiolus, and the two fist bumping like yaoi was going out of style.

Final Fantasy XV is due for release on September 30th for the Xbox One and PS4. Square is going all out in hopes of moving 5 million SKUs of the game. If it were coming to PC it would be a slam dunk but it’s going to be tough for them to hit 5 million without the PC in the mix.

You can learn more about Final Fantasy XV by visiting the official website.


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