Fox’n Forests Seeks To Bring 16-Bit Platforming To Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight as we know it holds some pretty ugly entries. However, the platform also holds some interesting projects and hidden gems like Bonus Level’s 16-bit 2D game Fox’n Forests. Set to hit PC next year, the devs also seek to get the game up and going through Kickstarter.

In an attempt to get some votes on Steam Greenlight, the devs behind the very interesting 16-bit platformer Fox’n Forests, are running their campaign on Kickstarter adjacent to seeking votes. Like always, both platforms sport their woe stories, and hopefully this title doesn’t follow suit with all the other scammers.

Looking over to the mechanics of the game, players will have shooting, slashing and switching functions all at their disposal. Shooting projectiles, slashing enemies with up-close melee weapons and switching seasons and the weather will all play an essential role, which I think the very last feature is pretty cool.

I say the feature is cool seeing how the devs had to re-draw and re-animate the environment in previous sectors and parts to match the changing seasons. In other words, the devs had to draw out the first stage (and others) with all Winter sprites, Summer sprites and then Fall sprites, which all hold different puzzles and platforming mechanisms. After putting that into perspective, I have to applaud them on that seeing how that would take up a lot of time and resources.

You can check out the latest trailer that was posted up by Fox’n Forests, which the trailer below sports some pretty sick sounding retro music and fun looking platforming.

If you want to support this project, it is currently running on both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. As of this writing, its Kickstarter campaign has pulled in 93 backers, $7,692 out of its goal of $105,345 and has 30 days to go until its run ends. For more information on its Greenlight campaign, you can head on over to Steam.


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