Friday The 13th: The Game Cabin Demo Released For Backers

Gun Media and Illfonic are keeping to their word and have released a demo for backers of Friday The 13th: The Game, featuring a look at one of the cabins in the game.

The cabin is a small area to explore, offering players a look at the item-dense area that contains all sorts of memorabilia from the Friday The 13th franchise. For instance, there’s a desk with a typewriter, a lap, a fan, some books and the original hockey mask that Jason donned during the third film.

Rely on Horror did a write-up on the new demo and then proceeded to post up a near 20 minute video featuring a walkthrough of the cabin to give gamers a look at what the backers were given. You can check that out below.

There isn’t a lot to do in the demo other than walk around. The environment is definitely rich with detail, from the scuff marks textured onto the desk with the radio on it, to the stitching in the teddy bear sitting in the wooden chair by the old fashioned lamp… Gun Media and Illfonic have done a superb job in filling up the atmosphere with lots of intricate little details that help bring the map to life.

The only thing that backers can do in the demo is mess around with the radio, which can play various songs… there are six available songs to listen to.

The game itself will be a asymmetric multiplayer deathmatch game. The object will be for a group of players taking on the role of camp counselors to escape from the map once Jason begins killing people off.

So far the game looks like it’s shaping up to be really cool, but we won’t know for sure until we see some live gameplay footage being played by actual gamers and not test footage in a controlled environment.

The game is expected to launch this October, and you can learn more by visiting the official website.


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