Furi: Here’s How To Get Past The Third Stage And Beat The Line

I know you got to the third stage in Furi and now want to throw the controller at the wall because you can’t beat The Line, right? If you want to beat him you’ll learn how to do so in this guide. As of now, Furi is currently for PS4.

The old man can be stubborn in battle and there’s no doubt that if you are new to the game, he will be more than stubborn; he will be brutal. I see most people getting stuck on the wall and the flames he emits during his First Stage. Getting rid of his shields can be very easy, stand back up against the boundary and move alongside it and keep firing. Your bullets will keep bouncing while depleting his shields, this will also give you room to dodge his lava seeing how it has travel time, giving you enough room to dodge out the way.

You can check out Duck360Gaming2‘s video showing how to beat The Line. The video runs for 11 minutes and shows how devastating he can be.

As his shields starts to dwindle down, you will need to dodge some of the projectiles heading your way adding a little bit of challenge, but if you have good timing you can dodge both the lava and shoot/dodge the incoming projectiles to stay clear.

Looking over to the Second Stage, he will try to enclose in on you a ring of projectiles, dodge these until he emits lava in four cones with fire balls interjecting between each coned shaped pattern. Carefully pay attention to his lava pattern to make a mental note so that you can dodge the lava on the ground while firing at him. Sometimes you will need to opt to dodging the lava on the ground while shooting his projectiles. Just make sure you have a steady flow of chipping his life away while dodging.

After he stops holding his position in the center ground, he will try to attack you with his melee weapon. Meanwhile, the battlefield will be filled with projectiles and health. Still, during the second phase, he will shoot lava tiles and projectiles with his blade, dodge those and get in close to attack him — and if you have decisive judgement you can counter his attacks to deal more damage.

After ridding him of his second health bar during his second phase, you will engage close combat with him in a circular arena. Pay close attention to his moves and the symbols on the floor to predict his next moves while dishing out quick attacks. To be en garde in this particular part is essential so that you can block and strike when necessary.

This leads us to the Third Stage. He tries to encamp you in fire projectiles like in the second stage, once you are done dodging those he will fill the arena up with fire rings that can be dodged by dashing forward. During the fire ring segment, he will try to hit you with fire balls from the sides, which can be dodged by waiting a little and then dodging both the fire balls and the fire ring at the same time.

After the above, he will pull his sword out again after firing a noticeable amount of bullets into him when he was in the center. Just like the second phase, he will shoot lava tiles and projectiles with his blade, dodge them and get in close to attack him.

The Forth Phase and last stage almost resemble the first phase. Stay back and be on the move while dodging the incoming onslaught of fire. After this he will summon eight pillars that you will need to destroy. When eliminating each pillar hang back and shoot them while dodging any incoming projectiles. This will lead you to fighting him again once they are all destroyed, which if you freeze time when countering him he should die instantly, rewarding you with completion of the third stage.

Before I leave you, a video by Shenmue79 shows how to beat this Furi boss in under seven minutes.

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