Gears Of War 4 Campaign Video Sees Marcus Teaming With His Son

Some new campaign footage was released during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con for Gears of War 4. The upcoming game from The Coalition recovers a few brownie points by having J.D. Fenix and his after-school special friends get the chaperone treatment by the series’ original protagonist, Marcus Fenix.

The gameplay video is nearly seven minutes long. The first two minutes are just the four characters walking along a linear path as they jabber on about some old historic landmarks. Marcus talks them through where they need to go while J.D., his friend, and Kait Diaz chitchat along the way.

You can check out the gameplay video below, courtesy of IZUNIY.

The gameplay showcases a lot of what we’ve already come to expect from the game. We see the cover-kick attack where J.D., leaps over the cover and kicks one of the enemies in the face before stabbing it to death.

There’s a new shotgun in the game but J.D., doesn’t pick it up. We do get to see him use the new cover-pull technique, which allows players to pull opponents over the cover and then finish them off with a knife attack.

Gears of War 4

One of the new features in the game is the physics-based weather effects that can kill opponents. We see large pipes and debris smashing the Swarm, turning them into puddles of gib.

One of the new weapons is also put on display… the Buzzkill saw-gun. What’s neat is that the blades actually get affected by the wind physics in the game, so while attempting to fire it their angle and firing line went off on a curve.

The video ends as the group reaches the tower and the whole thing begins to collapse.

Gears of War 4 is due for release on October 11th. According to Eurogamer the game will have unlocked frame-rates and 4K support on PC.


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