Ghost Of A Tale Set To Come Out For PC And Xbox One This Year

SeithCG is composed of a very small team that seeks to get their adventure RPG game Ghost of a Tale on Steam this year. Currently showing a release date of “coming soon” and recently appearing on the Early Access page for Coming Soon, the game is also slated to hit Xbox One.

Not sure why an Early Access game is set to come out for Xbox One, although its release for said system could be pushed until its ready for it, however it also holds a release for PC. The game has an interesting concept of a small mouse named Tilo in search for his true love, but will have to go on a dangerous journey to find her.

While playing as Tilo, various locations will hold places to explore and secrets to discover, which adds to the adventure laden atmosphere. I’m not sure how many stages there will be, but from the brief glimpses there seems to be quite a bit of room to explore.

This now brings us to the medieval world populated only by animals. Taking a throwback to several animal dominated movies and games, castles, caves and other rustic places will be ideal in housing both small and large types of enemies. Seeing how Tilo isn’t a fighter, this is where exploring and stealth will play an important part in balancing uneven situations.

In addition to the game, you can read its official description below to get a better understanding on SeithCG’s game:

“Ghost of a Tale is an action-RPG game in which you play as Tilo, a mouse and minstrel thrown into a perilous adventure. Through stealth and cunning you’ll be able to explore the secrets of Dwindling Heights Keep and navigate its dangers.”

The game will also feature NPCs that provide quests to explore, and allies that will help you. This also covers conversing with NPCs around and about the area to find/learn stuff about the game’s world.

Moreover, I think it’s worth noting that the game looks pretty nice just to be made by one guy who later got a smaller team behind him. Even if it did take some years behind the game’s aesthetics, the team did a nice job making it look medieval and distinct.
ghost of a tale 2

For a better look at Ghost of a Tale, you can watch two videos detailing the action-RPG adventure, thanks to Takoyaki, and the official Xbox channel.

Currently holding a release date of “coming soon” and headed to Steam Early Access for PC, Ghost of a Tale is also receiving an Xbox One release, too. For more information on the game, you can head on over to


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