Glass Masquerade: Stained glass Puzzle Game Gets Greenlit For Steam

Glass Masquerade is a new complex jigsaw puzzle game where you must put the stained glass image together piece by piece using shapes located on the side rotating dial.

Sadly, the developers did not provide proper information about the development team, so I’m not completely sure who made the game since the name on the Greenlight page is different from the name on the YouTube channel, and there seems to be no social media information about the game either, but it appears to be made by Constellation Q5.

glass masq2

Regardless, the below trailer, the screenshots, and the Steam Greenlight description for Glass Masquerade, gives us an idea about what the game will be like upon release. Glass Masquerade is a visually appealing work of art with its design and overall concept of solving stained glass puzzles.

The way the entire game is set up revolves around putting together clocks from around the world using jigsaw puzzle symbols to solve complex stained glass images. The developers have decided to focus more on the visual aspect of the game rather than the gameplay mechanics. So the overall concept and play style will be very simple and casual, following a point-and-click gameplay mechanic as you drag and drop the puzzle pieces into place.

The developers for Glass Masquerade also say that they would like to create one puzzle for every country in the world, but at the moment they will only have 15 puzzles, with an additional 5 to 10 puzzles on its way for release, each puzzle being hand crafted to give you a stunning visual stain glass masterpiece that looks like a work of art that came straight out of history.

As mentioned above, the developers released a gameplay video to showcase the various puzzles you will be able to solve in game, so I linked the video down below so you can see how it plays out for yourself.

Glass Masquerade is planned to be released this fall, and has already been voted through Steam Greenlight by the community. The developers say that proper sound effects and music, as well as fixing errors with the English translation are all on its way and should be ready for release this fall.

For more information about the game, you can follow the provided link to learn more for additional details.


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