GTA 5 Redux Mod Is This Gen’s iCEnhancer

Josh Romito is finishing up the new mod for GTA V called Redux. It’s a graphical overhaul mod featuring enhanced textures, lighting and shaders, giving GTA V the kind of polished look that engineer Hayssam Keilany managed to achieve with GTA IV and the iCEnhancer. Romito sent the word out that the new mod is set to arrive on August 26th.

Romito released a trailer earlier today featuring two minutes of a completely overhauled GTA V. We get to see the improved shadows at work with near 1:1 casting resolution, as well as reflections that almost look as good as path tracing techniques used in high-end renderers (something that Keilany specialized in with the Brigade Engine). You can check out the trailer for GTA V‘s Redux mod below.

This mod essentially hopes to achieve what others have been attempting to do with GTA V ever since it released on PC back in April of 2015.

Modders have had a difficult time getting things to work in the game, having to create all sorts of complex workarounds after Rockstar went out of their way to encrypt the data to prevent modders from making new content. This actually set the graphics overhaul mods behind greatly, forcing a lot of artist to wait for the coders to design tools to make modding possible with GTA V.

We eventually saw things like the Pinnacle of V mod come onto the scene, which was Romito’s precursor to Redux – and Keilany dabbled in the GTA V scene only briefly before moving on after realizing that Rockstar had locked everything down.

Romito didn’t give up and eventually managed to make things work out in his favor with the Redux mod. And now, he’s finishing things up the mod and prepping for release on August 26th.

The mod features a rewritten weather system, all new makeshift global illumination simulation, new landscape graphics, new (bokeh) depth of field efects, motion blur, improved high-dynamic range shader effects, and individual object-oriented light casting on the water to provide “the best looking water to date!”

You can learn more about the Redux overhaul for GTA V by hitting up the mod’s official website.


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