Halo Wars 2 Dev Diary Reveals ARK Story Details And That Atriox Is A Super Brute

The recent developer diary for Halo Wars 2 discussed quite a few new developments for the upcoming real-time strategy game. It not only features tons of new cinematic footage, but it also reveals some new details about the Spirit of Fire’s journey to the ARK, the mysteries that lie therein, as well as Atriox being somewhat of a super Brute.

It was one of the many videos that made its way online over the past couple of days during the media frenzy centering on the San Diego Comic-Con. The video clocks in at four and a half minutes and you can check it out below, courtesy of IZUNIY.

So part of the story involves Atriox being able to beat the living crap out of three Spartans as if they were nothing. The cool part about it, though, is that one of the Spartans did manage to get a direct knife stab into the mid-section of Atriox’s body. It didn’t appear to do much because he managed to subdue the Spartan as he was reaching for the embedded knife.

Halo Wars 2

They don’t explain in the developer diary what makes Atriox so strong, but it’s both his strength and tactical wits that lands him the position as the leader of The Banished, a group of exiled Covenant and Brute warriors stationed on the ARK for some unknown reason.

After spending almost three decades in cry-sleep, it’s up to the crew of the Spirit of Fire to figure out what’s going on with The Banished and to uncover the secrets of the ARK.

Halo Wars 2

My only hope is that they don’t kill off Atriox just yet. He seems like a really cool character and I would hate for him to fall like some sort of villain of the week. It’s not often we get good, memorable villains and Halo has had an unfortunate tendency of underplaying its villains after Halo 3.

So please 343, don’t kill off Atriox!

You can look for Halo Wars 2 to launch for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One starting February 21st in 2017.


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