Hawken Launches For Free On Xbox One

Reloaded Games’ Hawken may be coming to the PS4 next week, but it’s available right now for the Xbox One. The first-person mech shooter has officially gone live on Microsoft’s console and it’s currently free-to-play.

The multiplayer deathmatch game sees players taking control of heavy mechanized robots in the far future, battling for resources and to control the riches of a planet.

Hawken set to distance itself from other mech shooters out there by focusing on extremely fast, very unforgiving gameplay. Most fans of mech games might know that many of the titles see the giant lumbering robot beasts moving slowly throughout the battlefield arenas. Usually it’s to give gamers a sense of scope and an appreciation for their massive size. In Hawken they took a very different route with the title, focusing mainly on speed and quickness, giving gamers something really lightning fast to latch onto. It’s essentially the Call of Duty of mech-shooters (just until Titanfall 2 gets here).

You can see what the game looks like in action with the video below from YouTuber Spala.

The game plays out just like you would expect, with the mechs having specific loadouts designed for specific purposes. Many of the mechs take on roles such as short range, long range and even things like hit-and-run attacks or tanking for the team.

Various mechs have skills that can be unlocked the more they’re played with, and the game sports 26 different towering machines to commandeer and use across nine different maps and six different game modes, including standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, missile assault, siege and even some cool co-op bot destruction and co-op versus AI team modes. The bot modes will be perfect for those times when the lobbies get empty and everyone is either offline or playing something else… like Titanfall 2.

Anyway, you can grab a free copy of Hawken right now from off the Xbox Store. The game will go live for the PlayStation 4 next week on July 8th. For more info feel free to hit up Major Nelson’s website.


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