Here’s How To Get All Of The Tomorrow Children’s Trophies

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developers Q-Games and SIE Japan Studio’s upcoming game might be nearing its release seeing how its trophies are now up and viewable courtesy of PSN Profiles. The action adventure game, The Tomorrow Children, is currently an exclusive title for PS4.

The Tomorrow Children is a very strange game at its core. The game also features quite a bit of traveling to various places that one can visit to upgrade their gear and stuff. However, like many other games, The Tomorrow Children holds some trophies scattered around its strange world that can only be achieved through completing specific objectives.

Although the trophies are up thanks to PSN Profiles, there’s no given announcement on when the game will go live. But seeing how most games release a few days after the trophies go live, I’m sure the release for this one will be sometime soon, hopefully.

Anyways, the game only has 11 trophies in total. These trophies consist of bronze, silver and gold, with no single platinum trophy to be found.

In addition to the trophies, a lot of them can be achieved by visiting different towns, beating Izvergs and interacting with your teammates — or as the game calls them Comrades. Taking the place of the shiny platinum award is the gold trophy — which calls for players to reach level 30.

For a full rundown on all the trophies in this game, you can view them all below:

Bronze Trophies

  • Welcome To Tomorrow: Start your effort in service of the state
  • The Scenic View: Stand at a height of 150m
  • Rolling stone: Visit 10 towns
  • Growing Up Fast: Reach level 2
  • Citizen’s Arrest: Trap someone with an Immobilizer
  • Backroom Deal: Gain access to the Black Market.

Silver Trophies

  • Thirst For Power: Purchase Voidka 20 times
  • Field Worker: Visit 10 different islands
  • Assault Leader: Defeat 200 Izverg
  • Angel of Mercy: Revive 100 fallen comrades.

Gold Trophy

  • The Big 3-0: Reach level 30.

The Tomorrow Children for PS4 currently sports a release date of 2016. I’m sure more information on the game will release soon, but while folks wait you can head on over to PSN Profiles to see all the trophies.


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