Here’s How To Get An S Rank On Furi’s Bosses The Chain And The Strap

Mastering the true arts of Furi is quite difficult, especially when trying to achieve the almighty S rank. Two video guides show how to beat the boss The Chain and The Strap in The Game Baker’s fast pace stylized fighter Furi, and how to get the S rank at the end of a fight. Furi is out now for PS4, and is free for PlayStation Plus members.

The first video that’s up is by YouTuber TheSeraphim17, who shows how to beat the first boss, The Chain. The game can be brutal while showing no mercy, but it’s not like some games with bad scaling where the enemies upscale in different departments, but instead they alter in their patterns in which one will need to learn to upstage them in fights.

In the fight below, we see that TheSeraphim17 acts on reaction and tries to counter each of the enemy’s moves as fast as he can. We also see him using a lot of dynamic grapple moves that lock The Chain into position so that he can proceed even further into the boss fight. It’s also worth noting that at the end of the video he obtains an S rank on KO and Hits, as seen below.

Just like the above boss, a lot of timing and close attention to enemy movement will be essential to defeating The Strap and getting that sweet S rank on completion. It’s also advised that you keep on the move and strike when The Strap is open so you can keep that motion going until the end. As we can see at the end of the mission, he gets an S rank across every tier.

Make sure that you learn each bosses’ pattern and what they are likely to do across each stage of their battle segments. This will open up several opportunities to get in close and dominate the battle so that you can get a fast Clear Time, no KOs and a beautiful amount of Hits to see that righteous S rank. Furi is out now for PS4, and is free for PlayStation Plus members.


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