Heroes And Generals Everhart Update Adds Three New Cargo Trucks

Reto-Moto is continuing to update and add new content to the free-to-play, World War II multiplayer shooter, Heroes & Generals. The latest update is called ‘Everhart – Knights of the Road’. It adds three new cargo trucks to the game from the German side, the U.S., and the Soviets.

The update adds the the U.S., faction CCKW cargo truck, the German Blitz truck, and the Soviet GAZ AAA cargo truck. Each of them are designed to help carry troops from one location to the next, and are perfect for storming a command spot in order to take over the post. You can briefly see what the three trucks look like with the 37 second trailer below.

You can carry up to two supply crates, nine soldiers and a driver in each of the three trucks, making them perfect for… supply runs.

Jacob Andersen, the game director at Reto-Moto, commented in the press release about the new update and the three new trucks, stating…

“By adding trucks to Heroes & Generals we are looking to strengthen teamplay. You get access to trucks early on in player progression so even as a relative new player you become a valuable member of any squad,”

If supply runs are actually an imperative part of the gameplay in Heroes & Generals then I can definitely see the benefit of the trucks. Hopefully they make use of them for more than just trolling and people goofing around, which is sadly how a lot of vehicles are used in games like this.

They also added three new camouflage skins for the Soviet infantry, recon and paratrooper class, along with a ton of other fixes and updates for the maps, weapons, badges and skills.

If you want to view all of the new changes that they’ve made to Heroes & Generals you can check out the complete changelog over on the game’s official forum page.

Heroes & Generals is currently free-to-play right now over on the official website or through the Steam store. It has a mostly mixed and negative reaction from the general userbase.

(Main image courtesy of Sheiji)


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