Heroes Of Skyrealm Comic Will Release In Association With James Bond Publisher

Mechanist Games and Dynamite Entertainment are teaming up together to release the first comic book for the upcoming mobile game, Heroes of Skyrealm. It will delve into the lore behind the game’s impressive airship culture and the heroes that make the world tick.

Dynamite Entertainment is best known for their publishing of comic books based on popular brands and media such as Terminator, Evil Dead: Army of Darkness, RoboCop, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and Red Sonja, amongst many others. The Hollywood Reporter also recently announced that Dynamite Entertainment will also be publishing a new 007: James Bond comic book based on Casino Royale.

The publisher will be working with Mechanist Games to produce the very first comic book based on the upcoming mobile game, Heroes of Skyrealm. There’s still no release date set for mobile RPG, but the comic will have each of its pages released across Facebook, participating gaming websites, and on the official Heroes of Skyrealm website.

The first issue will center on a young magician named Darius who ventures to the world of Skyrealm and begins to discover the history and turmoil of the Ten Nations of Skyrealm. You can check out the first issue’s cover art below.

Heroes of Skyrealm Issue1_Page_Cover

Mechanist Games creative lead David Lindsay commented about the game and the comic book in the press release, stating…

“At the core of Heroes of Skyrealm, players have this incredible airship as a mobile headquarters,”


“But where did that technology come from? Who are the heroes that you recruit and lead into battle? Making a fun and fast game has always been a huge goal for us, but the comic has given us the opportunity to build Skyrealm’s setting and cast from a different angle. It’s been really exciting to see the world and these characters come together in two distinct, complementary styles.”

The concept of the game is pretty cool, relying on players building out their army through an ever growing mobile airship base. You can get an idea of what it’s like with the trailer below.

The game is actually a lot better looking than a mobile RPG has any right to be, but I suppose that’s part of its appeal. The main issue is that trying to lure in core gamers to play a hardcore RPG on mobile tablets and phones is not easy, and I wonder if Mechanist Games are cutting themselves short by focusing on the mobile crowd instead of attempting to leverage the graphics and playability of Heroes of Skyrealm on PC?

Anyway, you can look forward to the comic to go live soon on the official website or the Facebook page starting at the end of this month and throughout early August. The game itself won’t be ready until late 2016.


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