How To Craft Weapons In 7 Days To Die

If you need a basic starter guide in making weapons and forging materials in 7 Days To Die, there are plenty of useful guides out there, but sometimes you just need a basic one to get you on the right track. Now that 7 Days To Die has launched on the PS4 and Xbox One, I’m sure a lot of console gamers are curious as to how to make certain items and how to craft weapons in the game.

Luckily there’s some simple guides out there to help you along the way and allow you to hit the ground running with ease. YouTuber Xi has a pretty cool video guide for beginners, helping teach newbies how to craft a forge, how to scavenge for books and how to make guns and bullets in 7 Days To Die. Check out the video below.

The first thing you”ll need to do is acquire the skill book “Forge Ahead” so you can craft a forge. This is used for all sorts of tool creation purposes and you’ll need the forge to make more advanced equipment.

You can find skill books most often in homes on bookshelves. Simply search the bookshelf and take whatever useful skill books are available. According to the video above, these books are sometimes located in mailboxes, but they’re oftentimes found in homes. There’s also a one in four chance of finding the book on a bookshelf, so definitely try there first.

It’s also suggested to check air conditioners. Why? Because you’ll need the short iron pipe for crafting.

7 Days to Die Crafting Guide

In order to build the forge, you’ll need 48 pieces of iron.

You’ll also need at least 35 pieces of clay. You’ll oftentimes find clay as a reddish brown piece of dirt near water.

Once you have the necessary items you can then proceed to build the forge.

In order to make iron ingots, you’ll need to shape the clumps in a u-shape in the crafting menu to forge an “Iron Ingot Mold”. You’ll find it under the crafting tab. Use the iron ingot mold to smelt it in the forge to create iron ingots.

After crafting the iron ingots you can then build tools like pickaxes, clubs and fire axes.

Fire axes can help with cutting down wood and breaking down doors.

Shovels are good for digging up dirt for getting some materials, and hos are useful for tilling the ground for planting seeds.

Later in the video advanced crafting mechanics are covered.

One of the more important skills to acquire is leather tanning. This skill will allow you to take animal hides and turn them into furniture, decorations or armor.

If you have enough leather strips from animal hides, you can make a variety of different armor types, including an example of making leather chest armor below.

7 Days to Die Crafting Guide

You can also make ammunition after you get the “Ammunition Nation” skill book. You’ll be able to disassemble bullets, make a bullet molding and then get some brass. You need to craft a bullet casing molding and then smelt any brass you have into the mold in order to make bullet casings. If you have lead items, such as cups or scrap metal, you can craft a bullet tip molding and then smelt the lead into the molding to create bullet tips.

After you get the bullet parts, you’ll need to fill them with gunpowder. In order to do this you’ll need coal and potassium nitrate. First put the potassium nitrate into your crafting menu and turn it into nitrate powder. Combine the nitrate powder with the lumps of coal in order to craft gunpowder.

You can create bullets by putting a bullet casing at the middle of the crafting menu, and then putting gun powder just above the casing and then putting a bullet tip above the gunpowder. This will create a bullet. Depending on how many gunpowder items you put in the center between the bullet tip and the casing will determine what type of bullet you make. The more gunpowder, the larger the bullet.

Now if you want to make shotgun ammo you will first need “Reloading Weekly”, which will allow you to make shotgun shells.

First, you’ll need to deconstruct some worthless books and take the paper and use it in connection with the casing and the gunpowder in order to make shotgun shells.

If you want to make a shotgun, you’ll need to read the “Urban Combat” handbook. This will enable you to use the parts you have to craft moldings for the parts for the shotgun. Making the moldings are exactly the same process as crafting the moldings for the bullets or pistols or the ingots. The video shows you how to use the crafting materials to make molds for each shotgun part to craft your very own weapon.

7 Days to Die Crafting Guide

Hopefully those basics should be good enough to help you make some weapons, make some armor and survive more than a couple of days in 7 Days to Die.

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